About Us

Cryptokitty.com provides cryptocurrency related products like the Cryptokitty multi-user multi-currency mobile crypto-wallet, and has been engaged in the industry since January 2014.

From cryptocurrency consulting, crypto-mining, product research and development, and now a new cryptocurrency ICO, Cryptokitty founders have been riding the cryptocurrency wave since before Bitcoin was trading at $33/BTC.

We were originally a stealth project, as Team Cryptokitty has been working secretly for years, but we are now ready to reveal our technologies and products to the world.

Our History

The Cryptokitty brand was first officially used at the first North American Bitcoin Conference held in Miami Beach, January 2014. Back then, the primary cryptocurrencies were Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin. Ethereum had yet to be invented, and point-of-fact they made their first major announcements at that same show . . .

Our Vision

We at Cryptokitty believe that centralization has had its day, and now decentralization is the future. Block chain technologies represent the leading edge of this trend as it relates to our expertise in information technology . . .

Latest News

General purpose block chain register for encrypted software settings.