Kittcoin Specialized Cryptocurrency

Kittcoin (KTT) cryptocurrency software is used to register cryptographic keys and store associated encrypted values in the Kittcoin block chain, a shared database distributed by peer-to-peer networks in a secure way. Kittcoin also includes an interface that can be used to query the blockchain database and retrieve data.

Like Namecoin, Kittcoin is mined via merged mining on top of most SHA-256d Proof-of-Work based crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and their derivatives.

Cryptokitty uses the Kittcoin blockchain to store your wallet permissions only, with your individual ‘hot’ cryptocurrencies being maintained on your mobile device, with a variety of cold storage back-up options built in to the wallet. Transaction requests from authorized linked accounts are processed through the Kittcoin block chain, and sent out from the central wallet to the payee on confirmation.

The Kittcoin block chain is a general purpose decentralized register of cryptographic keys and 540 byte associated stored encrypted values, distributed via peer-to-peer networks in a secure way.

Launching Spring 2018